Welcome to our exclusive wholesale website for boutique owners

Welcome Boutique Owners

Thanks for shopping with us.

Here, you can purchase supplies to make your own apparel to resell in your boutique as well as completed apparel and jewelry that are ready to resell.

All of our items come branded with our name or logo either on the garment or on the packaging. Jewelry and accessories come with branded hang cards.

Items are mostly made to order and require a turn around time of 1-3 weeks on average. We are located in Texas and ship via USPS.

There are no minimum order requirements making it much easier for small shop owners to succeed.

We offer SEZZLE, dropshipping services, and shop syncing with synclogic.

SEZZLE: This service allows you to order all items at once and receive the order as soon as possible and then make 4 equal payments to pay it off. Similar to layaway, but you don't have to wait for the items.

Dropshipping: You may order from this website and enter your customer's mailing address at checkout. We will ship directly to your customer. You must check out separately for each customer as we will only print one shipping label per order.

Shop syncing: If you are a shopify store owner, you can sync our products into your store and sell directly to your customer. When your customer buys from you, a draft order will be created. You will receive an email instructing you to complete checkout. It will automatically show your customer's mailing address on the invoice and we will ship to your customer for you. We offer separate sync codes for apparel, car freshies, and jewelry/accessories, so you can choose which one to offer - or add all 3! To get the sync code shoot us an email at RunninRRanch@yahoo.com

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