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How To Apply DTF Transfers



DTF transfers are a new type of transfer. They are very similar to a screen print transfer, but they have a better quality and better durability. The colors are printed with a white layer on back, so they can be applied to any color and type of shirt. You can apply to cotton, polyester, or any cotton/poly blend. Please pay close attention to the colors in the design before you press onto a shirt. If the design has black text (for example) you cannot press onto a black shirt, or the text will not be legible.

Using a heat press, press the transfer at 325 degrees F for 15-20 seconds with heavy pressure. Do not use an iron or easy press for these transfers. You need HEAVY pressure. Allow the transfer to cool completely before you peel the film off. Replace shirt onto heat press and place parchment paper over design. Press again for 10-15 seconds.

***Each heat press is different. Please test your temp, time, and pressure settings before pressing a design for a paying customer.***

Tips and tricks for pressing shirts:

● Pre-press your shirt for 15 seconds to remove moisture.

● Place shirt face up, and transfer face down. Place parchment paper over transfer.

● Apply with heavy pressure.

● Press at 325 degrees F for 15-20 seconds.

● Remove garment from heat press and allow to cool completely before peeling transfer film off.

● Once film is removed, replace on heat press. Cover design with parchment paper and repress for 10-15 seconds.

● Turn garment inside out and machine wash shirt. Remove promptly from washer. Tumble dry on low setting. Do not bleach. Do not iron.

Tips and tricks for pressing can coolers (koozies):

● Use neoprene can coolers for best results (though foam can coolers can be done also)

● Place can cooler face up, and transfer face down

● Place a piece of cardboard inside the can cooler to prevent layers from melting together

● Use the lightest amount of pressure possible (while still using enough to transfer the image). Too much pressure will flatten the can cooler. This cannot be undone.

● Allow cooler to cool completely. Do not touch can cooler while still hot. If you make any indentions in the foam, you will forever have a fingerprint on the can cooler.

● Once can cooler is cool, remove from heat press and remove transfer film.

● Replace on heat press and press again for few seconds.

● Remove cardboard jig.