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How to Apply Sublimation Transfers



Shirts must be at least 60% polyester to apply this transfer. The higher percentage of polyester, the more vibrant and true the colors will appear. 100% all white polyester is recommended. On shirts with a poly/ cotton blend, the appearance will be a faded vintage look and will wash out some over time. White, heathered gray, or other light colors work best. Do not apply to a dark-colored or black t-shirt. Where the image appears white, it will become the color of the shirt. White will keep it white, but if you apply to a gray shirt, the white colors will be gray. If you use colored shirts, it will also alter the colors of the design when pressing.

Using a heat press, press the transfer at 380-400 degrees F for 45-60 seconds with medium pressure depending on your heat press.

***Each heat press is different. Please test your temp, time, and pressure settings before pressing a design for a paying customer as there are no guarantees of how well it will turn out until you have all of your settings perfected.***

Tips and tricks for pressing shirts :

● Pre-press your shirt for 5 seconds to remove moisture

● Place shirt face up, and transfer face down

● Apply with medium, even pressure. Too light will result in ink gaps, too high will force the dye to bleed through

● Use heat transfer tape to keep transfer in place and prevent shifting. If transfer shifts, it will result in “ghosting” (a fuzzy image)

● Transfers are for one time use only. Do not remove the transfer and then replace it and press again.

● Place a sheet of butcher or parchment paper INSIDE the shirt to prevent the dye from bleeding onto the back of the shirt

● Place a sheet of butcher or parchment paper OVER the transfer to prevent the transfer of dye onto your heat press platen

● Use clean sheets of butcher or parchment paper for every press, even if there is no visible dye on the sheet

● Remove transfer from shirt immediately after pressing while still on the heat press

● If scorching occurs, try lowering the temperature and increasing the press time. Scorch marks are permanent.

● If the colors appear too light or inaccurate, increase the press time

● If your black appears green, you did not press long enough to complete the sublimation process. Increase press time

● Too much pressure will result in press lines (a visible area where the edge of your paper was). Press lines are extremely difficult to remove once they are made. Lighten the pressure if you get press lines

● In the event of press lines, immediately (while still hot) stretch the shirt and shake out. This isn’t a guaranteed method, but can sometimes salvage the shirt

● Though sublimation dye is permanent, some bleeding can occur after being pressed. Before the first wear, machine wash shirt and remove promptly from washer. Tumble dry on low setting.

Tips and tricks for pressing can coolers (koozies):

● Use neoprene can coolers for best results (though foam can coolers can be done also)

● Place can cooler face up, and transfer face down

● Place a piece of cardboard inside the can cooler to prevent layers from melting together

● Use the lightest amount of pressure possible (while still using enough to transfer the image). Too much pressure will flatten the can cooler. This cannot be undone

● Lift transfer off of can cooler immediately after pressing while still on the heat press

● Do not touch can cooler while still hot. If you make any indentions in the foam, you will forever have a fingerprint on the can cooler

● Once can cooler is cool, remove from heat press and remove cardboard jig